Environmental Initiatives

Planar Environmental Initiatives

Reduction of hazardous materials and responsible end-of-life treatment

Governments, customers, manufacturers, and the general public are increasingly interested in restricting the use of hazardous substances like lead and mercury while also promoting the proper collection and disposal of electronic equipment that has reached the end of its useful life.

Many countries and local governments have adopted or are proposing legislation requiring proper recycling of electronic waste. Product donation, reuse, and recycling eliminate waste destined for landfills and allow for the creation of new products through the recovery of valuable materials.

Leyard supports these initiatives and also encourages the reduction of electronic waste through recycling and repurposing at end of life.

About Leyard products

Leyard is the global leader in LED technology providing customers with access to state-of-the-art hardware and performance while minimizing environmental impact. Although Leyard’s LED products do not contain mercury, all products must be recycled or disposed of according to local, State, and Federal laws. For general information on electronic waste or to learn about how to safely dispose of or recycle a Leyard product, please check the resources linked on this page.

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