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Ready to Learn More?

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Leyard video wall controllers and image processing solutions allow for the capture, display and management of visual sources. Scale one image across an entire video wall or display hundreds of sources simultaneously - Leyard has the right processing solution to meet the demands of any individual application.

Leyard video walls are also compatible with a wide variety of 3rd party components and technology platforms and can be integrated quickly and easily with the most popular multi-image processors, networking technology, content management systems, and specialized software and audio-visual equipment.

Leyard continues to set the bar in system source compatibility. The electronics within Leyard displays connect to and operate with the widest range of signal, resolution, content, and connectivity types.

Leyard's image processing solutions respond to small or large demanding project requirements, helping customers optimize their environment and work more productively:

Clarity® Visual Control System™ (VCS™) Video Wall Controller 

  • Support for Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall and rear projection video wall displays
  • Flexible, easy-to-use video wall controller designed for small to medium-sized systems
  • Customizable to meet large systems requirements
  • Can drive video walls comprised of up to 40 high resolution displays 
  • Multi-output PC based architecture with capture cards
  • Comes with VCS Control management application

Indisys Image Processing 

  • Support for Clarity® LED3 Series and Clarity Matrix LCD Video Walls
  • Modular architecture that scales to the largest video walls
  • Any source, any size, anywhere on any size video wall
  • Highest quality video capture and display
  • Full system control with Planar® Indisys® Management Suite
  • Network-based desktop visual collaboration
  • Latest generation features Planar® Indisys® Extensity™ technology for double the performance for high resolution sources and double the number of sources on the video wall

Big Picture Plus Processing for Clarity Matrix LCD Video Walls

  • Planar® Big Picture Plus™ Video Wall Processor is included as a standard feature with Clarity Matrix LCD video walls
  • Can be an alternative to other video wall processors
  • Basic scaling capabilities to full display arrays
  • Expanded source routing capabilities
  • Quick configuration of scaling across the entire video wall or within a 2x2
  • Dual Link DVI Input and scaling

Planar® Mosaic® Architectural Video Wall Tile Processing

  • Each tile is programmed for pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ)
  • Program tiles with Planar® Mosaic Project Designer™ software
  • One-and-done setup via PC (USB)
  • No content pre-processing is required
  • Scaling options:
    • 1 source scaled over entire array
    • 1 source for each group of tiles
    • 1 source for each individual tile
  • Use video or stills from any media player or PC
  • Multiple content sources (either switched or simultaneous on multiple daisy-chain groups) requires 3rd-party switching or syncing solution
  • A multi-head media player or PC can drive one tile group per output. This achieves high total resolution and reduces the overall scale factor for very large layouts
  • DisplayPort daisy-chain may support up to 256 links
  • The power daisy-chain and the content daisy-chain are unrelated
  • For more information, download the Planar® Mosaic® Video Wall Content Guide
  • Leyard video walls are available as an integrated solution complete with Leyard's own image processing allowing users to easily capture, display and manage visual sources
  • Complete image processing offering removes the guesswork from component setup and configuration
  • Leyard displays are also compatible with the most popular 3rd party image processing platforms. The electronics within the displays connect to and operate with the widest range of signal, resolution, content and connectivity types