Custom Displays and OEM Solutions

Leyard Custom Displays

A leader in display technology for over three decades and as the marketshare leader in fine pitch LED, Leyard can customize displays to meet your specific or unique display requirements.

Some of the world's leading brands rely on Leyard and Planar to design and manufacture their display and video wall products.

For many customers, customization is a chief means of product differentiation. Leyard offers a full range of custom LCD display capabilities, from something as simple as adding a logo to a bezel or including MIL-spec cables and connectors on a standard part, to a complete ground-up design involving special graphics, installing touch sensors, ruggedizing with a special enclosure and/or improving clarity with optical bonding.

Leyard combines existing display technology with our engineering and production expertise to achieve superior results. With experience in a diverse range of markets and applications, Leyard can ensure the development of a unique LED solution or a custom LCD monitor or display that matches your exact requirements.

Leyard specializes in the following custom display capabilities:

Leveraging our existing display technology with superior engineering and production knowledge, Leyard can help you create your own custom solution.

Leyard and Planar's combined engineering capabilities and know-how make us the preferred partner for brands looking to add fine pitch LED video walls to their product portfolios. 

  • Combine Leyard's existing display technology with our engineering and production expertise for a unique custom display solution
  • Leyard offers a wide range of custom display capabilities