Planar® CustomerFirst™ 3-Year Warranty

Buy with Confidence.

The Planar® CustomerFirst™ 3-Year Warranty covers all sizes of Planar LCD monitors and includes a 2-day advance replacement.

Planar® PS Series large format LCD monitors (collectively or individually, “Product(s)”), feature a 3-year limited hardware warranty as set forth below. This warranty period begins on the date of Leyard’s initial shipment of the Product.

This Planar Customer First 3-Year Warranty covers Product(s) purchased from a Leyard dealer or distributor, is valid only for the first end user purchaser and excludes resale, rental, lease or transfer of any kind by the end user. You may be required to provide evidence of proof of purchase. It does not cover any accessories that may be provided with the Product(s), or offered separately, including but not limited to cables and any other peripherals. (Such accessories are warranted for 90 days after Leyard’s initial shipment of the Product(s); see the Accessory Warranty).

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  • Free 2-day advance replacement for products located within the contiguous United States
  • "Return and Replace" option for products located elsewhere