How do you Organize, Access & Manage your BIM Content?

Leyard & Planar Revit Files Easily Accessible on UNIFI Connect

Architects, engineers and contractors are challenged with ever-changing digital building content. Now that 3D design tools like Revit and SketchUp are commonplace, there are numerous online content libraries and building product manufacturers are creating 3D objects faster than ever. These tools offer numerous benefits to building design and construction, but the processes introduce all new types of headaches.

Here are some common BIM content challenges:

  • BIM content is often inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated causing potential legal liability
  • Security and access control are major concerns and use of external content is high-risk
  • Folder structures are inherently inefficient for searching and accessing BIM files
  • Content is typically not centralized, is hard to find, and not everyone can access everything
  • Files are updated constantly but many firms do not have an efficient version control system
  • BIM managers do not know who is using what data, when, how often, what version, etc.

Leyard and Planar are making significant and ongoing investments to create and update Revit and SketchUp families for our video wall solutions. These files are available for download from and on individual product pages. Adding a Revit family to your project model is easy. For step-by-step instructions, visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Unfortunately, designers often mistrust BIM content from manufacturers. Quality and accuracy of BIMs can be unpredictable. When Leyard and Planar sought out a BIM content hosting partner, a selecting a system the biggest AEC firms trusted was critical, as well as a platform that vetted all BIM content to a high quality standard. For these reasons, Leyard and Planar chose the UNIFI Connect cloud platform to host our BIM content.

Click here to see a short video of how Leyard and Planar BIM content can be organized, accessed and managed on UNIFI Connect.

Please inform your CAD/BIM Manager about the availability of Revit and SketchUp families from Leyard and Planar. If you already have UNIFI Connect, request that they enable the Leyard and Planar families for your design team to access. To try UNIFI Connect free, contact