AIA Chapter Offices Feature Planar Displays

Planar video walls, touch screen monitors and large-format LCD displays are utilized by several AIA chapter offices across the US. They are used in exhibits, meeting spaces and lobbies in applications from digital signage and donor information to training and design collaboration. Below are a few examples.

  • AIA Denver – This chapter office features a Clarity® Matrix® tiled LCD video wall in their meeting space. They use it to display exhibit information, an events calendar, member profiles, and presentations. This 2x2 video wall configuration allows the chapter to display one image across all the panels, or four separate images, making it ideal for connecting and displaying multiple PCs simultaneously.
  • AIA New York City – The New York Center for Architecture features a 24” Planar® Helium™ Series touchscreen and two 32” Planar® Simplicity™ Series displays in its exhibit called “Considering the Quake: Seismic Design on the Edge.” The goal was to deliver an immersive digital experience and be flexible for future exhibits. The displays were used to help designers understand how certain structures and building materials will behave under differing earthquake circumstances. View the case study here.
  • AIA Portland – The Center for Architecture in Portland features a Planar® UltraRes™ Series 98” diagonal 4K LCD in the large gallery. This large-format flat panel replaced an aging projector and pull-down screen and offers a brighter image that looks great from all angles, even with the lights on and curtains open. Using a remote control or an iPhone or Android app, up to four video sources can be selected and displayed simultaneously. Robert Hoffman, CEO of AIA Portland, states “We have received many compliments about our new Planar display from AIA Portland members, our industry partners and public attendees of events here at the CFA. The slim design compliments the architecture of our space and the image quality is stunning.”

Consider updating the display technology in your own AIA chapter office. It can increase your team’s productivity, improve the aesthetic appeal of your office, and make your meeting space more useful and marketable. For a consultation on your own display requirements, contact Planar at 855-748-8199 or email