The Digital Plan Table Comes of Age

In the world of design and construction, the dream of paperless workflow has been slow to materialize. The plan revision process remains mired in sharpies, yellow pads, highlighters, and hundreds of pages of plans and specs. Digital workflows have promised improved communication, faster estimating, more reliable version control, reductions in printing costs, and improved accountability. The missing link has been a powerful combination of hardware and software that brings it all together. Enter the digital plan table.

What is a digital plan table? Combine a large-format 4K multi-touch display with a PC and estimating, mark-up, change management and archiving software. Put it on a rolling tilt/lift cart so the display can be used in table mode (face-up), presentation mode (face-out), or drafting mode (angled up). Now you have a powerful team collaboration tool that can truly replace paper-based workflows. Architects capitalize on this workflow during the design review process, and contractors are putting digital plan tables in their job trailers. Municipalities are now introducing digital plan tables into their plan review and permitting workflows.

Below are some additional benefits to using a digital plan table:

  • Provides easier file access, storage, retrieval and management
  • Improves project communication and collaboration
  • Increases the number of bids that contractors can process
  • Allows for easier 3D BIM model navigation
  • Supports live meetings and video conferencing
  • Delivers one-touch access to all project documentation and details
  • Reduces the number of documents to print, haul and store
  • Simplifies project close-out with a digital archive for facility management

Planar® EP Series interactive 4K LCD displays are ideal for use in digital plan tables. They have strong metal bezels, ruggedized glass, and are built for 24/7 operation. They offer best-in-class reliability, stunning image quality, and are available in 50”, 58” and 65” models. The super sensitive multi-touch experience allows for easy document review with quick zooming, panning, and digital mark-up, all much more efficiently than using a mouse.

View a case study on the digital plan revision process from Bluebeam and Swinerton Builders.

To identify the ideal display for your application, try out the Planar Large Format LCD Display Selector.