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Planar PT MSR Kits

Easily attach a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) to PT series touch monitors. The MSR bracket is designed to securely hold an IDTech MiniMag™ or MagTek MT-211 MSR to the VESA mounting pattern on the back of the monitor, eliminating the need for Velcro or tape.

  • Planar PT MSR Kits

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  • Planar PT MSR Kits


Securely attach a 3-track cardswipe/MSR to the right side of select PT touchscreen LCD monitors. The kit includes:

1. Three-track cardswipe/MSR
2. USB cable - A to A connector
3. 2 screws (monitor already includes two threaded holes on the side to accommodate the MSR)
4. Instruction sheet

Installation requires only a Phillips screwdriver.

Model Number Part Number
PT MSR Kit (Black) 997-5618-00
PT MSR Kit (Black) 997-4480-00
PT MSR Kit (White) 997-4481-00