1. Clamp-Stand-Single-Front

Planar Single Arm Clamp/Grommet Stands

Free up important desk real estate with the Planar Single Arm Monitor Clamp. The stand helps to organize display cables with a cable organizer and all models can tilt, swivel, rotate and height adjust.

  • Planar Single Arm Clamp/Grommet Stands

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  • Planar Single Arm Clamp/Grommet Stands


Planar’s Single Arm clamp stand provides the most versatility in single display positioning. It allows you to easily pull in, push out, lift up/down, swivel, tilt, and rotate to provide maximum ergonomic comfort, freeing up desktop real estate, providing a clean and clutter free working environment. Installation is quick and easy.

This adjustable clamp fits on virtually all desk or counter surfaces without the requirement to drill holes or permanently install.

Model Number Part Number
Single Arm Desk Clamp/Grommet 997-7030-00