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Leyard Custom LED Solutions - Custom Shapes
Photo Credit: Queensland University of Technology

These are some of the most common reactions to projects driven by Leyard® Creative LED Solutions and Services. We bring visual creativity to life; continually pushing the envelope of possibilities. From transparent mesh curtains overlaying corporate skyscrapers, to LED-wrapped vehicles, to concave video walls in newsrooms, to outdoor digital signs comprised of rotating 3D shapes; if you can dream it, chances are good our LED experts can create it.

The U.S.-based Leyard and Planar Design Team offers professional services including custom LED video wall design, mounting frame design, power flow, signal flow and structural drawings, and architectural design review. We combine art, technology and communication to do what’s never been done, all so our clients can stand out from the crowd.

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What’s Your Vison?

Custom Shapes

With rigid or flexible LED module options, we can create a display of nearly any shape or size. LED volcano? No problem. Oval office? Let’s do it.

Leyard Custom LED Solutions - Custom Shapes

Transparent LED Displays

With our transparent LED displays you can show images or video in front of surfaces, while still seeing what’s behind the display. They can be installed on an external surface, like the side of a building, or be placed behind a store window facing out so people on the street can see the merchandise inside. Whatever you want people to see behind your content, whether it’s the sky, a restaurant, or nature, these LED displays will draw eyes and inspire the crowd.

Leyard Custom LED Solutions - Transparent LED Displays

Surface Wraps

Have boring white columns in your venue halls? Morph them into tree trunks for a stroll through the forest. Curved or unique-angled surfaces that could use some pop? Add bright, hi-res, eye-catching motion graphics. With custom LED displays, any surface can deliver an immersive, “wow” experience and drive conversation.

Leyard Custom LED Solutions - Surface Wraps

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  • Custom LED display designs
  • Projects of any scale
  • Nearly any shape or size
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Variety of pixel pitch options
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Custom mounting frames
  • Budgetary estimates and quotes



Leyard Creative LED Solutions



Documents & Downloads

NBC Olympics

Leyard LED Video Walls Selected by NBC Olympics for Production of 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, selected Leyard to provide fine pitch LED video wall solutions for its production of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Three Leyard® TVH Series LED video walls were featured on the NBC Olympics set within the International Broadcast Center in Rio and one Leyard TVH Series LED video wall for NBC’s outdo…

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