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Planar PT1945P

For image-conscious retail, hospitality, or healthcare establishments, the Planar® PT1945P 19” monitor is optimized with multi-touch interactivity. With its ultra-thin profile enclosure to its sleek, edge-to-edge glass surface, the Planar PT1945P provides the ultimate end-user experience.

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  • Planar PT1945P


For upscale retailers, hotels, restaurants, or healthcare offices wanting to get things done in style, the Planar PT1945P 19” fits the bill. Designed to take advantage of the multi-touch-enabled features being added to traditional point-of-sale (POS) and kiosk applications, the monitor registers up to 10 simultaneous touches for fast and intuitive navigation through multiple screens.

The ultra-thin profile design and edge-to-edge glass surface makes it an attractive addition to any hotel, retail store, or office setting, and the multi-touch features make this monitor as intuitive to use as a tablet or smart phone.

The Planar PT1945P includes a full range desk stand that easily tilts from 0 to 90° with little pressure. It’s a perfect pairing monitor for your point-of-purchase or POS computer system. From responding to predetermined questions, flicking through reviews to choose the right place for dinner, or looking for the perfect item in an online catalog, the sleek Planar PT1945P accommodates all.  Perfect for gift shops, concierge counters, self-check-in stations, or gift registry kiosks, the Planar PT1945P offers a great solution today and for future touch applications coming to businesses.

The Planar PT1945P multi-touch monitor is available with analog video input, integrated speakers, and features built-in 100mm VESA for easy wall or arm mounting.  The Planar PT1945P pairs well with Planar's accessories, including the Universal Height Adjust Stand, the Single Arm Desk Stand, and the Planar Dual Monitor Stand

The Planar PT1945P includes Planar's industry-leading CustomerFirst™ 3-year Warranty with Free 2-day advanced replacement. 

Model Number Part Number
PT1945P 997-7415-00