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The Planar® Helium™ Series PCT2265 is a 22" full HD monitor is optimized with multi-touch interactivity.  With its integrated USB 3.0 hub and dual-hinge desk stand, the Planar Helium Series PCT2265 provides the ultimate touch on the desktop experience.

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  • Planar PCT2265


Designed to take advantage of the touch-enabled features of Microsoft Windows® 10, the Planar Helium Series PCT2265 registers up to 10 simultaneous touches for the ultimate in productivity.  The built-in USB 3.0 hub allows users to quickly dock their ultra book, laptop, or tablet for a larger viewing experience.

The style-conscious design and edge-to-edge glass surface of the Planar Helium Series PCT2265 makes it an attractive addition to any business or home office while multi-touch technology make this desktop monitor as intuitive to use as a tablet or smart phone.

The Planar Helium Series PCT2265 includes an easy-to-use dual-hinge desk stand that quickly moves the user from passive viewing to full touch screen interaction.  From reading email to manipulating spreadsheets, to scrolling through social media updates, and blog postings. The versatile Planar Helium Series PCT2265 delivers with a style that compliments today's contemporary office designs.

The Planar Helium Series PCT2265 features multiple video inputs, including VGA, DVI-D (with HDCP), and HDMI, and integrated speakers for flexibility and the ability to connect multiple devices.

The Planar Helium Series PCT2265 includes Planar's leading CustomerFirst™ 3-Year Warranty featuring free 2-day advance replacement (US only).

Model Number Part Number
PCT2265 997-7251-00

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