Leyard TWA Series

LED Video Wall

Industry's First Flat Panel LED Video Wall

Leyard® TWA SeriesLeyard® TWA Series is a line of fine pitch LED video walls available in 0.9, 1.2 and 1.8 millimeters pitches. Leyard TWA Series is architected to support the highest pixel density and delivers benefits unique to its "flat panel" design including a 16:9 form factor optimized for the most popular high resolution standards, ease of installation and service, and outstanding flatness and uniformity. The Leyard TWA Series models feature all the benefits of the Leyard TW Series’ unique design while delivering power efficiency and improved optical performance.

For an interactive LED touch solution, Leyard® LED MultiTouch is a completely seamless interactive LED video wall solution for select Leyard TWA models.

Unique By Design

With design principles gained from Leyard's learnings from the world's largest install base of fine pitch LED video walls, the Leyard TWA Series is the first LED video wall solution to feature an innovative "flat panel" design. With a slim 54" cabinet and the finest pixel pitches, Leyard TWA Series LED video walls deliver the pixel density and form-factor to match LCD and Rear Projection video walls, but with a truly seamless video wall configuration of any size.

Leyard TWA Series displays are self-contained displays with standard HDMI inputs and looping, along with optional redundant configurations. The larger 54" cabinet means more of the video wall is factory-aligned, easing installation time and costs with fewer displays to align and seams to perfect at installation. Larger displays mean fewer displays are needed to create a video wall, reducing potential points-of-service. With a 16:9 form factor and exact compatibility with the most widely-used resolutions, Leyard TWA Series LED video wall displays make content development and video wall processing easier out-of-the-box.

Leading Image Quality

Leyard TWA Series LED video walls deliver a crisp, high contrast image using the highest quality black LEDs, black solder mask and Leyard® MicroGrid Shader™, enabling the deepest level of black. Wide viewing angles deliver excellent off-axis uniformity while advanced calibration provides maximum full color and brightness uniformity across even the largest video walls with no visible seams.

Designed for 24x7 Operation

Every Leyard TWA Series LED video wall display is designed for long-duty cycles and is available with a redundant video and power option to ensure continuous operation for mission critical applications.

Enhanced Power Efficiency

Leyard TWA Series delivers advanced power efficiency through Leyard® DriveSense™, a proprietary driver, controller and LED module design. Leyard DriveSense helps to extend the life of the product by providing highly uniform color and brightness while reducing heat emission, climate control requirements and power consumption. 

The Leyard TWA Series models, available in 0.9, 1.2 and 1.8 mm pixel pitches, incorporate power-efficiency with the industry-leading design of the Leyard TW Series, resulting in a stunning LED video wall display with reduced power utilization by as much 35%. The Leyard TWA Series provides additional image enhancements to further optimize visual experience through a wider color gamut and broader viewing angles.

Added Protection with Enhanced Visual Appearance

Leyard® ERO-LED™ is a proprietary protective coating applied exclusively to best-in-class Leyard® LED display products to deliver protection and durability in high-traffic environments at a reasonable cost. Unlocking new applications for fine pitch LED displays, Leyard ERO-LED enhances the visual performance of an LED video wall with significantly increased contrast in ambient light and improved off-axis performance.

  • Available in 0.9, 1.2 and 1.8 millimeter pixel pitches
  • Power-efficient design with Leyard DriveSense architecture 
  • Delivers benefits of unique 54" "flat panel" design
  • Optimized for the most popular resolution standards
  • Advanced design for ease of installation and outstanding flatness and uniformity
  • Leyard LED MultiTouch and Leyard ERO-LED available for select Leyard TWA models

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Leyard TWA0.9

LED Video Wall

The Leyard® TWA0.9 is a fine pitch LED video wall display with a 0.9 millimeter pitch. The Leyard TWA0.9 delivers benefits unique to its “flat panel” design including enhanced image quality, a 16:9 form factor optimized for the most popular high resolutions, ease of installation and service, and outstanding flatness and uniformity. With a power-efficient design, the Leyard TWA0.9 significantly reduces power utilization while delivering high resolution image quality.

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Industry Awards

rAVe 2019 Readers' Choice Award Finalist
AV Awards 2017 Finalist

Infocomm 2016

rAVe Best of Infocomm 2016
2016 Best of Show - TV Technology
InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Winner - Digital Signage
InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Winner - AV Technology
InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Winner - Government Video
InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Winner - Sound & Video Contractor

NAB 2016

 Digital Video Best of Show 2016
TV Technology Best of Show 2016
NAB 2016 Best of Show - Video Edge
NAB 2016 Best of Show -  Government Video
NAB 2016 Best of Show - Sound and Video Contractor

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