Leyard VersaLight Series

Indoor & Outdoor LED Video Wall

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Visual Impact and Ultimate Versatility 

The Leyard® VersaLight™ Series is an innovative family of LED video wall displays designed with flexibility to support a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, in a variety of pixel pitches. Leyard VersaLight Series features a quick-install, self-supporting mounting system and self-contained LED cabinet design, making it capable of covering a wide range of video wall installation strategies including: wall or ceiling-mounting, hanging, stacking and mounting individual LED cabinets directly to custom frames.

The Leyard VersaLight Series delivers high contrast, high brightness and high impact at an affordable price.

Wide Range of Pixel Pitches

The Leyard VersaLight Series is available in 2.5, 4 and 6mm pixel pitches for indoor applications. With an IP65 Protection Rating, Leyard VersaLight Series is available in 4, 6 and 8mm pixel pitches for outdoor applications.

A Modular Design 

Leyard VersaLight Series' compact cabinets measure 240x480mm (portrait), 480x240mm (landscape) and serve as self-contained units, each with power and data in and loop outputs. Cabinets can be mounted to standard 1x1 or 2x2 Leyard VersaLight Series Mounts, or mounted to custom frames to suit each application. Leyard VersaLight Series' modularity combined with indoor/outdoor operation and landscape or portrait orientation support allows for the ultimate flexibility in signage and display design.

Fits in Virtually Any Space 

Leyard VersaLight Series' unique, self-contained cabinets are perfectly suited for fixed indoor and outdoor signage applications in retail and hospitality verticals. Its modularity supports space-challenged applications and walls of custom shapes and sizes. No other LED video wall product can be mounted, installed and serviced in as many ways. Leyard VersaLight  Series is the only Leyard LED solution that can be designed down to a 240mm width, making it the go-to LED video wall system for both open spaces and narrow columns, thin banners and other space-challenged installations, providing the ultimate in video wall design creativity.

Leyard VersaLight Mount 

The Leyard VersaLight Mount, available in a 1x1 or 2x2 version, is comprised of a die-cast aluminum interlocking frame structure that supports wall or ceiling-mounted, hung or stacked installations.

With an ADA-compliant installation depth of less than four inches, the Leyard VersaLight Mount brings seamless integration into nearly any environment, along with ultimate design flexibility.

24x7 Reliability

Leyard VersaLight Series is designed to handle 24x7 operation. With LED health and system status reporting on each cabinet, the Leyard VersaLight Series ensures complete reliability.

  • Family of versatile indoor and outdoor LED video wall displays for digital signage
  • Indoor models available in 2.5, 4 and 6mm pixel pitches
  • Outdoor models available in 4, 6 and 8mm pixel pitches
  • Configurable to support both large spaces and tighter, built-in spaces
  • Flexible mounting options deliver wide range of mounting options
  • Front-access installation and service available

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Leyard VersaLight VLI2.5

Indoor LED Video Wall

The Leyard® VersaLight™ VLI2.5  is an indoor LED video wall display designed for digital signage. With a self-contained modular structure that can be easily modified to fit a wide range of installation strategies, Leyard VersaLight Series can turn even the most challenging environments into dramatic, inspiring video walls with stunning image quality and ultra-reliable performance.

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Multi-National Technology Company

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