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video wall and image processingLeyard provides a full range of video wall and image processing and media player solutions that set the industry standard for performance, power, and versatility  - so you can manage your content the way you want. 

Large and small venues alike use Leyard's processors and media players to enhance behind-the-scenes capabilities when broadcasting a single image across multiple displays, a single image across a single or specific display, or display several different feeds at any place within a single display. Leyard provides a choice of world-class content management solutions to best fit your application needs and requirements.

  • Clarity VCS is an easy-to-use video wall controller ideal for small to medium-sized systems
  • Planar ContentSmart is line of media players for easy-to-design digital signage content

The Clarity VCS Calculator allows users to calculate a custom Clarity VCS Video Wall Processor, then view specifications and a visual representation of the chassis, expansion unit and accompanying Input/Output Cards for each component.

Clarity VCS Calculator

Processing & Player Product Lines

Clarity VCS Video Wall Processor

Clarity VCS Video Wall Processor

Flexible, easy-to-use video wall processor designed to capture, display and manage multiple sources on a video wall…
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Planar ContentSmart Media Players

Planar ContentSmart Media Players

Digital signage media player platform featuring Full HD and Ultra HD resolution models
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Memphis Police Real Time Crime Center

Massive Clarity Matrix Video Wall is Central to City's Crime Management and Reduction Efforts

Intelligence-led policing has played a key role in reducing crime in Memphis. It is made possible in part by a massive video wall that captures and displays live video - from a city-wide surveillance camera network – and a variety of other information from the center’s PC network. The officers and command staff in the Memphis Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center use all th…

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