eyevis netPIX

Video Wall Controller

eyevis™ Rear Projection Video Walls are available with the eyevis™ netPIX Video Wall Controller Series, a line of image processing solutions capable of combining individual outputs into a coherent desktop display, which can be used to present a wide range of network data, video and graphics sources.

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eyevis netPIX Controllers are designed with high-quality server components to deliver sophisticated control of video wall systems with cutting-edge performance and 24x7 reliability. eyevis netPIX Controllers provide connectivity for almost any signal type with a range of input and output cards. With special IP decoding input cards or software-based decoding, the eyevis netPIX Controller can connect to IP video streams, removing the need for separate decoder devices.

Open-source, web-based eyevis™ eyeUNIFY Video Wall Management Software provides all the standard requirements of modern control room applications. It delivers safe operation across different platforms and operating systems while supporting a scalable number of user. eyevis eyeUNIFY is fully code-transparent, making it the most secure video wall management software and can be adapted for customer-specific requirements.

  • Cutting-edge performance
  • Delivers 24x7 reliability
  • Range of input and output cards for any signal type
  • Fetures web-based eyevis eyeUNIFY Video Wall Management Software

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