Why Leyard for Corporate Solutions?

Leading corporations and government agencies are recognizing that their facilities are effectively a spokesperson of their brand, while also creating optimum work environments for employees. From greeting guests to employee communications and productivity, video technology and digital signage systems can play a key role in creating an ambient environment as dynamic as the companies that deploy them. Leyard is a leading provider of display technology ranging from the desktop to large lobby installations driving productivity, as well as building brand.

Leyard offers a wide range of products that share a strong set of core characteristics.

Making Better Decisions, Faster

Visualizing big data, engaging with multiple online sources and applications and the emergence of telepresence is putting more demand on display technology in the workplace. Leyard's offering includes large video wall and conference room displays that bring data and meetings to life.

Designed for Designers

Leyard video wall and digital signage products are designed to create unique backdrops or eye-catching focal points in corporate design. The free-form arrangement of Planar® Mosaic® Architectural Video Walls, free-standing pedestals for large format displays, and color match options are all examples of this innovation at work. Leyard digital signage products feature a thin-mounting profile, which complies with ADA standards without additional structures or costly insets.

Optimized for Support

Leyard products have the display resolution, connection options, mounting options, ease of use, and value your IT team needs to install the products with confidence.  Leyard has been in the flat panel display business for nearly 30 years, supplying the world's most demanding brands and applications.

Exceptional Value

Leyard's solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive and have a lower total cost of ownership optimized for these public environments, with features like front serviceability and LED backlight designs.

Application Need Leyard Product
Wow factor in lobby or foyer where digital signage greets guests or creates architectural interest Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Walls, Leyard® DirectLight® X LED Video WallClarity® Matrix® G3 LCD Video Wall, Planar® UltraRes™ Series or Planar® QE Series create immersive experiences that communicate brand values.
Visualization and presentation technology for effective discussions and decision making in meeting rooms A pioneer in control room video technology, Leyard is making displays bigger, brighter and better equipped for your environment with attractive designs and processing functionality. See Planar® PS Series and Clarity Matrix G3 LCD Video Walls. For control room monitoring see Leyard DirectLight X, Leyard® TWA SeriesLeyard® TVH Series LED Video Walls and Planar UltraRes Series.
Hallway digital signage that informs and educates Planar UltraRes Series, Planar QE Series, Planar PS Series or Clarity Matrix LCD Video Walls, together with your software or the Planar® ContentSmart™ Media Player, will keep visitors and employees up to date with news and events. Products mount thinly for ADA compliance.
Impactful outdoor signage and advertising LED Video Walls provide a stunning canvas for corporate messaging. 


  • Use corporate offices as a spokesperson for your brand
  • Optimize work environment for employees
  • Utilize displays for wayfinding, interactivity, and brand building

Corporate Installation Highlights

Leyard Corporate Highlight Reel

Leyard Corporate Highlights

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Products Designed for Corporate Use

Clarity Matrix G3

Clarity Matrix G3

A best-in-class LCD video wall solution with the industry's thinnest bezel and outstanding image quality
View More
Planar UltraRes Series

Planar UltraRes Series

Best in class 4K displays with exceptional clarity and advanced processing available in 75", 86" and 98"
View More
LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls

A market-leading offering of LED video walls with a wide range of pixel pitches, resolutions and applications
View More
Planar Mosaic

Planar Mosaic

Architectural Video Walls that redefine interior spaces by providing endless possibilities for creative expression
View More
Large Format LCD Displays

Large Format LCD Displays

A full offering of high-quality, extremely durable displays available from 43" to 100"
View More

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