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Why Leyard for Higher Education Solutions?

From donor recognition in the development office to student athlete profiles in the athletic center, from menus in the cafeteria to wayfinding in the student union, the applications for digital display technology in higher education have never been more exciting. From reliable displays that can handle the rigors of public access to specialty displays for labs and classrooms, colleges and universities turn to Leyard for their digital display requirements.

Leyard’s offers a wide range of products that share a strong set of core characteristics.

Create the Biggest Impression

From the free-form arrangement of Planar® Mosaic® Architectural Video Walls to the virtually-unlimited scaling that enables Clarity® Matrix® G3 LCD Video Walls of any size, Leyard configurations provide installation and design flexibility. Digital displays around campus can be updated at the push of a button with emergency campus alerts, late-breaking game scores, or event information. Students, faculty, and visitors receive the information and inspiration they need, in a format that is compelling and demonstrates technology leadership.

Reliable for Public Installations

From high brightness displays to sturdy metal-frame industrial design, from redundant power supplies to proprietary Planar® ERO-LCD™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology for LCD displays and Leyard® ERO-LED™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology for LED displays, Leyard products are designed for public venues like athletic facilities and stadiums to libraries and dorm lobbies. 

Designed for Designers

Leyard video wall and digital signage displays are designed to blend seamlessly into modern environments with beautiful industrial designs and color match options. Leyard digital signage displays feature a thin-mounting profile, compliant with ADA standards and eliminating the need for additional structures or costly insets.

Exceptional Value

Leyard’s display solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive while delivering a lower total cost of ownership optimized for public environments, with features like front serviceability, exceptional warranties and innovative mounting options.

Application Need Leyard Product
Eye-catching and impressive display wall in athletic facilities and stadiums, student centers or executive education centers To attract new athletes and inspire the fans, Planar® UltraRes™ Series, Planar® QE SeriesPlanar Mosaic Architectural Video Walls, Leyard® DirectLight® X LED Video Walls, Leyard® TWA Series LED Video Walls, Leyard® TVH Series LED Video Walls or Clarity Matrix G3 LCD Video Walls can be ideal solutions.  
Interactive displays for wayfinding or student information Leyard is a leader in touch screen technology with products ranging from Ultra HD single-screen displays, all the way to multi-user, multi-touch video walls measuring up to 300” diagonal in the Planar UltraRes Series, Planar QE SeriesPlanar® EP Series, Planar® PS Series and Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch product lines.
Display compatibility with rolling carts External power supplies and flexible VESA-mounting on a number of small format displays make them perfect for use on a rolling cart, ideal for movement between classrooms on campus.
High resolution and 3D displays for research, visualization, and simulation Nothing compares to the stunning resolution and clarity of the Planar UltraRes Series display for a wide range of visualization activities. When 3D is required, Leyard’s offering expands to the tiled Clarity® Matrix® 3D Video Wall System.


  • Implement eye-catching displays all over campus
  • Demonstrate technology leadership with cutting edge displays
  • Gain the industry’s best warranty for desktop and touch monitors
  • Update content at the touch of a button, keeping students, faculty, and visitors well informed

Higher Education Installations Overview

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Products Designed for Higher Education

Clarity Matrix G3

Clarity Matrix G3

A best-in-class LCD video wall solution with the industry's thinnest bezel and outstanding image quality
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LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls

A market-leading offering of LED video walls with a wide range of pixel pitches, resolutions and applications
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Planar PS Series

Planar PS Series

Professional HD displays with superior visual performance available in 55" sizes
View More
Planar Mosaic

Planar Mosaic

Architectural Video Walls that redefine interior spaces by providing endless possibilities for creative expression
View More
Planar UltraRes Series

Planar UltraRes Series

Best in class Ultra HD displays with exceptional clarity and advanced processing available in 75", 86" and 98"
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